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This site represents an overview of my seminars at Prague’s acclaimed film academy FAMU, department of cinematography.

These lectures, workshops and seminars are part of a bachelor’s resp. master’s degree course.

With a main concern on lighting, we deal with various aspects of filmmaking.

  • purpose, concepts, technology, strategy, planning of lighting
  • visual style and look
  • visual storytelling
  • visual dramaturgy
  • cinematographic grammar and language
  • aspect ratio and lenses
  • composition, framing
  • camera movements vs movements inside frame
  • the cinematographer’s role in preproduction, on set and in post
  • relationship with director, producer, production designer, wardrobe/ makeup/ hair, editor, sound and crew

we are using both digital recording media, 16mm and 35mm film

we dispose of three professionally equipped film studios, camera and lighting equipment and a reference analogue and digital cinema

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currently we’re also preparing an online course “PRINCIPLES OF CINEMATOGRAPHY“ in collaboration with the Rome International Film School starting from late September 2020, which gives a compact overview and insight into the exciting world of cinematography.

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