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Short fiction depicting various light atmospheres; light changes in the shot; use of practical lights; dramaturgic use of light; correct exposure according to the intended atmosphere. 

Based on a literary script, the student creates a technical script / shooting board (15- 25 shots), shooting plan, lighting plan, production plan and budget, art department.

Obligatory light changes:
“film night” – light accent through the window from outside
“film night” with the effect of an electric torch
“film night” with a silhouette against the night window with torch effect
switching on and off of light in the other room
switching on and off of ceiling light
switching on and off of practical lights
at least one shot with a metal surface reflecting in the light during a movement. (hence the name: “stainless steel knife”)

Light changes must be executed during the shot, without changing the T-stop.

Technical specs: b/w, 35mm; 480m Kodak double-x negative film 5222; analog and digital postproduction; 4K SCAN, digital grading; DCP and film print