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mastering of creative exposure combining interior/ exterior

This is about understanding exposure: outside it will be over – , inside under exposed. Some relatively small part of the face will be “correctly” exposed, that’s what we want to play with. At first glance this seems very simple, but once you’ll get into it you’ll realise how complex this situation really is. It’s the basic of creating lighting moods and atmospheres, which will stay the base of your professional career.

details outside and inside

choice of weather (time of day/ night) greatly influences the contrast

choice of exterior / interior: building, landscape, forest etc / dark room with a small window vs. e.g. big hall with huge windows

no artificial lighting: bouncing of available light only

silhouette, semi-silhouette possible and welcome

Technical specs: black and white digital stills or analogue stills on 35mm motion picture film Kodak double-x 5222; no postproduction